New series about this society and how reflect the importance of the human Roots by Kyn - Street Artist in Los Angeles.


 Street Artist in Los Angeles.



The 2nd piece about The series Roots are not a crime... by Kyn - Street Artist in Los Angeles.
Can be the knowledge something than beautiful than the young skin...
The real experience of live is when you been really in love with someone that is your partner of live, only the real love is signed in the eyes of the most lucky persons that they are experimented this divine treasure.

1 Hotel

Luxury Hotel in Miami Beach

One of the most luxuries hotels in Miami Beach with a really advance mentality, they stake for a new concept of mural by AkimGraff - Street Artist in Los Angeles.
Beach, blues and spray are the waves in this commission.

"el Camino"

With Danilo Carrera

If there are a showman, actor and model more 4x4 in this american panorama, this is Danilo Carrera. He's part of the most popular show "El Gordo y la Flaca" and starring in a lot of TV series.
In this opportunity he receive a class as a teacher AkimGraff - Street Artist in no other than the most popular Miami art district: Wynwood
Fan, Art, Colors and Spray is ever the best combination.

Camilo CNN

"Camilo Egaña Show"

Original, out of the box, knowledge, smart, there are only a few of the adjective that we can use for describe Camilo Engana and his Show.
Politica, Funny, Introversia, Creative and really contemporaneous is the Camilo Show in any interview. In this case he could not be less of those expected.
One of the most interesting interviews than Kyn- Street artist ever enjoined with the opportunity to talk his hands on his heart.