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“El Camino” special show that travel between NY, LA and Miami. Make a tour for Wynwood, in the hands of Kyn show at Danilo Carrera the art of street art in front of his last Mural.

The format of the new program will be defined by the word “info-tainment”, a mixture of journalism, entertainment, criticism and debate. The hosts will use an ironic and acid point of view when analyzing trending topics. Executives from America Teve declared that the program will be unique in its format, the dynamic style in the…

Kyn was interviewed in the Chic Magazine after the success commission on Miami.   [media_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v‹´›rEB3j3xkDI4″ width=”300″ height=”200″ __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”68305ea274c1e96346e97f8fd6415410″ _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/media_video]